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Getting Started with Treasuremytext SMS Backup for Android

1. Create an Account

If you haven't already, first create an account here on Treasuremytext and then come back to these instructions.

2. Download Treasuremytext for Android

Treasuremytext for Android is available from the Android Market Application found on your Android phone. You will find us in the Communications category or a search for 'Treasuremytext' or 'SMS Cloud Backup' should do the trick.

3. Activate

Your app needs to communicate with our site and connect with your account in a secure way. This is accomplished via a short activation using the OAuth standard that means no need to type in usernames or passwords. To activate open your Treasuremytext app on your Android Phone and hit the activate button and wait for it to finish.

It should go like this but if you encounter problems during this process check the Troubleshooting questions below.

4. Check everythings working

You can now close the Treasuremytext app and forget about it. In the background it will just do it's work and save all your sent and received messages to your Treasuremytext account.

To check everything is working try sending an SMS to yourself. Your android phone will display a quick notification to let you know Treasuremytext has saved a message. Login to your Treasuremytext account to see your saved messages.

All working but have a question or want to know more about the app then try this Treasuremytext Android Discussion

Troubleshooting Activation

  • It's stuck saying waiting for Activation after more than 30 seconds?
    Just close the app and open it again to make it update.
  • I created an account and activated but now I can't login?
    This is a known issue affecting some users. To resolve this try the following. Goto 'Menu' > 'Reset'. Activate again and then go to Treasuremytext and create another account. If this doesn't help Contact support(place a sign here) who will assist you.
  • I downloaded the app first before creating an account, how do I see my messages?
    After activating follow step 1 to create an account. After signing up when asked enter the PIN number shown in the App.
  • I think I messed up can I do the setup again?
    Yes, in the Treasuremytext application press 'Menu' > 'Reset' and then follow step 3 again.