• What is Treasuremytext

    Treasuremytext is a SMS Storage Service and community. We keep SMS safe online. Treasuremytext is used by thousands of mobile phone users whose text messages are important to them. Use Treasuremytext to keep your messages safe and manage your messages.

  • How does it work?

    From your mobile phone, just forward the messages you want to keep to one of our numbers (just by sending a normal SMS). When you login, all the messages you have sent are saved for you in your account. Check the home page for a list of our service numbers

  • Is it compatible with my mobile phone?

    Treasuremytext is compatible with any phone that can forward an SMS on a supported network. If you have a smartphone check our apps page for specific apps for your phone

  • Can I use Treasuremytext from outside the UK?

    Yes you can. We use standard international mobile phone numbers which are accessible from nearly all mobile phones operating on the global GSM standard. US and Canadian users can use our local US number. UK and Rest of the World can access the service via a UK number. We keep a list of gsm networks which can be used to check your networks compatibility.

  • What's a + sign and how do I add it?

    When you call or text someone in your own country you just send the message to or call their national mobile number, e.g. 0655555555. However when you send messages internationally you need to add a country dialing code. From a mobile phone this is done by adding a '+' sign at the beginning of the number. The + sign is usually in a pretty easy to find location on your keypad. However if you can;t find it, try adding 'symbols' and find it in there.

  • How do I organise my messages?

    Make new folders. Add in your contacts. Just drag and drop!

  • Are my messages private?

    Only you have access to your account so your messages and your account are for your eyes only. However message notifications are briefly displayed in short on the "Message Feed" on the homepage, contents of messages are not displayed.

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing. The only charges are those applied by your operator, see the next question.

  • How much does it cost to save messages?

    We do not charge for saving messages at Treasuremytext. Saving messages (forwarding them to one of our numbers) is charged at your standard operator’s rate for sending an SMS. (So it could be free if you have a SMS ‘bundle’ from your operator). Check with your operator for your message costs. (T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile Customers for example in the UK are charged at 17p). International customers outside the UK should check with their operator for details of charges for sending SMS to this UK mobile number.


  • Treasuremytext for Android doesn't activate?

    Check your 'My Phone Number' is correctly set on your Android phone. Check this in Settings > About Phone > Status > My Phone Number. If this shows as empty or 'Unknown' then this will cause the app to fail during activation. To fix this issue set your phone number by following these instructions.

    Android My phone number Unknown or Blank - www.talk3G.co.uk

  • I forgot my password or username

    Go here to reset a password or to find out your username.

  • I sent my message but it hasn’t appeared yet?

    Check you have sent it to the right number. Check you have the added the right country code and used a ‘+’ at the beginning of the number (if required). Check in your account profile that the number you signed up with and the phone you are sending the message from are the same. Finally check that you are with a supported GSM network operator. Still no joy? Get in touch.

  • Do you support messages greater than 160 characters?

    Yes we support both saving and sending long SMS greater than 160 characters. You can send messages up to 250 characters long. If your message is longer than a standard SMS then your message will automatically become a single long SMS message. Your available credits will be reduced by the number of SMS messages required to send your message.

  • Why can’t I move certain messages?

    Our drag and drop interface means it’s really easy for you to organise your messages. If you want to delete something, just move it to the trash folder. Not all messages are movable. For example: if you sent a message, you can’t move it to another folder from your Sent Folder.

  • I need more help

    Please visit the our support site hosted at getsatisfaction.com.